Fargo Custom Metallized Holographic Foil Cards - Qty. 1000

Fargo Custom Metallized Holographic Foil Cards - Qty. 1000

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Fargo metallized holographic foil cards increase the overall security of ID cards. Whether the user's ID printer lacks lamination capability or they simply want to bypass the cost of holographic laminates, FrgoMetalFoil is a great solutio. Fargo custom metallic hologram cards are instantly verifiable and virtually impossible to replicate protecting ID cards from fraudulent duplication.

FrgoMetalFoil secure ID cards are offered in one of four card options. The first of these is the standard UltraCard PVC Card, made of graphic-quality 100% PVC. The UltraCard PVC Card can also be customized to include a high-coercivity magnetic stripe, ideal for applications such as access control and time & attendance. Also available are the durable UltraCard III PVC/PET Cards, with greater flexibility, more heat resistance, and a longer life than 100% PVC cards. Finally, UltraCard III PVC/PET Cards are also offered with a high-coercivity magnetic stripe.

Offered in quantities of 1,000, FrgoMetalFoil offers various, optional visual security elements (VSEs) including microtext, a guilloche pattern, invisible fluorescing UV ink, and a signature panel. With Fargo's metallized holographic foil, these personalized ID cards are sure to stand out in a secure manner.

The first of these optional VSEs is a custom microtext that can be added onto the FrgoMetalFoil. Carefully placed within an element of art or a line, this microtext is only visible under magnification. This microscopic text, invisible to the naked eye, cannot be duplicated using dye-sublimation, inkjet, or laser printers, ensuring the security of ID cards.

FrgoMetalFoil can also be customized to include a fine line design known as a guilloche pattern. The guilloche pattern entails complex, fine lines that curve and overlap, forming a unique pattern on the surface of the card. While these patterns can be verified by the naked eye, they are too small to be reproduced on desktop printers.

The invisible fluorescing UV ink is another available add-on to the FrgoMetalFoil. Although this UV ink is invisible to the naked eye, when it is viewed under ultraviolet light, covert graphics come to life. This option immediately increases protection against counterfeiting and tampering of ID cards.

The fourth and final optional VSE offered for the FrgoMetalFoil cards is a signature panel. Just as the name signifies, these cards include a writable signature panel, adding individualization and therefore additional security to ID cards.

Quantity discounts apply for orders of 3000 cards or more. Please contact us for more information on quantity discounts or to ask additional questions regarding Fargo's custom metallized holographic foil cards.


  • 1,000 card pack
  • For use with either direct-to-card or retransfer printers
  • Metallized Design:
    • Holographic foil image is embedded into the card's construction & tamper-evident image appears below the surface of card
    • Provides maximum durability and resistance to counterfeiting or tampering
  • Card Specifications:
    • CR80.030 (CR8030) size - standard credit card size
    • 30 mil thickness
    • 3.375'' x 2.125'' (85.6 mm x 54 mm)
  • Card Material Options:
    • UltraCard 100% PVC (standard)
    • UltraCard 100% PVC w/ a high-coercivity magnetic stripe (optional)
    • UltraCard III 60% PVC/40% PET composite (optional)
    • UltraCard III 60% PVC/40% PET composite w/ a high-coercivity magnetic stripe (optional)
  • Note: UltraCard III stock is required for use with laminating printers.

    Optional Visual Security Elements (VSEs):

    • Microtext
    • Invisible UV ink
    • Fine line (Guilloche) design
    • Signature Panel

    For image requirement details, refer to the Custom Metallized & Translucent Holographic Foil Information. Email your custom artwork to sales@SoutheastID.com and please include the following:

    • Your name
    • Company name
    • Contact information

    From there, your Southeast ID ID Specialist will contact you to verify your custom order, email you the design/text proof and answer any final questions you may have.