Printer or Software Training - Via Phone and/or Web - 1 Hour Increments

Printer or Software Training - Via Phone and/or Web - 1 Hour Increments

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Would you like to receive ID software or card printer training from our factory-trained team?

Do you need help installing your new ID card printer?

Need assistance setting up card templates or integrating databases with your new ID software?

Training from our industry experts will make YOU an expert in no time!

Training sessions may be scheduled in one-hour increments, based on the amount of material you'd like to cover.

Our software and card printer training sessions take place over the internet, with screen-sharing, and/or on the phone. Each session is unique and is tailored around your specific equipment and needs. A typical training session may include topics such as these:

ID Card Printer and/or Software Installation Assistance:

Our team will walk you through the installation of your new ID card system, to get you up and running in no time. We'll help you:

  • Install your card printer, ID software and photo ID camera
  • Ensure your equipment is working and ready to begin creating and printing cards

ID Card Design:

Learn the basics of card design features included in your ID card software, including:

  • Adding text and data fields to a card layout
  • Inserting background images and graphics, such as logos, to the layout of the card
  • Setting placeholder fields for image storage (photograph, signature, biometrics)
  • Set up and configure a barcode or magnetic stripe field

ID Software Database Management:

Database structure and functionality varies across ID card software brands and editions. Some applications include internal databases, others connect to an external data source.

We can assist you in importing your data into your card software or in connecting to your external source.

ID Card Production:

Once your card template has been created and your database has been imported or connected, learn how to:

  • Add a record, populate data fields, capture images, save the record and print a card.
  • Search for individual or multiple records and filter selections for faster data access or batch printing, if your ID software has a Search or Filter function.
  • Backup and recover a database.

ID Card Printing:

You'll learn the basics of printing cards with your specific card printer including:

  • Installing and removing printer ribbons, film, cards and cleaning cartridges.
  • How to select a ribbon, card orientation and image settings within your printer driver, along with reviewing cleaning and diagnostic options.
  • How and when to clean and calibrate your printer.
  • Recommended maintenance for optimal printer performance.
  • What is covered by your warranty.

Note: Please be sure to schedule training dates and times at least one week in advance.

Terms of Training: Training is offered ONLY on software and ID card printers purchased from Southeast ID. Training is not offered on free software that may be included with a printer, nor on software or printers not purchased from Southeast ID.