DuraClean EDC Cleaning Kit for Datacard Printers - Cleaning Swabs & Cards

DuraClean EDC Cleaning Kit for Datacard Printers - Cleaning Swabs & Cards

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Routine cleanings with DC-EDC DuraClean lint-free wipes will help ensure optimal prints and increased longevity of your Datacard ID card printer.

DuraClean DC-EDC lint-free wipes clean dust and other tiny particles from the cleaning rollers to help avoid damage to the printhead. DuraClean lint-free wipes can also be used for general cleaning of your Datacard ID card printer to protect other critical parts and maintain the quality of your printed card images.

DuraClean DC-EDC includes 5 alcohol cards, 5 adhesive cards and 5 cleaning cards for use with all Datacard ID card printers.

Did you know that DuraClean DC-EDC cleaning wipes have a shelf life?

Cleaning wipes typically have a shelf life of up to one year, when stored under the proper conditions. Cleaning supplies that are not stored properly, and more than one year old, will not clean properly and will likely end up costing more in maintenance and more money in reprinting cards.

As an authorized reseller, Southeast ID guarantees that our genuine DuraClean DC-EDC lint-free cleaning wipes are stored properly and are always 'fresh'.


  • Manufacturer and item#: DuraClean EDC
  • Cleaning card kit includes:
    • 5x alcohol wipes
    • 5x adhesive cards
    • 5x cleaning swabs
  • For use with Datacard card printers:
    • SD160
    • 260
    • 360
    • CD810
    • CDxxx